It's easy to overlook things that are right under your nose. The Tweed River sparkles each day as we drive to and from work. On weekends we see families enjoying boating, fishing, diving and other activities. Opportunities for fun pass us by because we get used to the routine.

Relatives visiting over Christmas were looking for something to do. We chose Tweed Endeavour Cruise's Crab Catching Cruise because it was something out of the ordinary that we thought our visitors would like. Wow! We all had a great time and what a good way to see the beautiful Tweed!

Our day out was fantastic and we were thoroughly spoilt by the attentions of Brendan, Kei and the rest of the Tweed Endeavour crew. Let's not forget the extravagance of a fresh-cooked Mud Crab Lunch.

Our cruise began with a photoshoot accompanied by the Captain. We were shown our seats and introduced to the crew as the Captain steered us onto the River.
Checking out the controls inspires confidence. Captain Bill's Explorer is a well equipped modern vessel. Brendan, Tour Guide, Chef, Waiter, Barman, Deckhand, Entertainment Officer, and Naturalist prepares our fresh Mud Crab Lunch.